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Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese concept that refers to the pursuit of winning small battles to move oneself closer to achieving a higher goal. Originating from a time of hardship for the Japanese people; this practice is about seeking self-improvement through personal struggle. 


After all, overcoming hardship is what defines us, builds us up and enables us to grow as a collective. Avoiding discomfort doesn't make life easier as it takes away the very thing needed to thrive in the longterm - intentional and progressive exposure to good stressors (e.g. training, cold showers or healthy food).


It was this philosophy that inspired the Kaizen Performance Method.

Regardless of whether you are an elite sporting athlete, a white-collar professional or stay at home parent - Kaizen is about achieving what matters most to you; and (as a coach) helping you to accomplish that is what's most important to me.